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Easy Cancellation/Refund Under 72 hours

  • Unrealized delivery: if the product is not delivered, the buyer must contact us within the first 72 hours from the date of the purchase. If the product has not been delivered within 72 hours and the buyer wants a refund, we will refund the money.
  • Serious damage (or error): despite the fact that we carefully check the our products before selling, there are still unforeseen situations that may occur. If something happens to the purchased product, the buyer must notify us and get our support department’s approval. We keep the right to find and correct the error within 72 hours from the moment of receiving the complaint. If we are unable to fix the problem within 72 hours, the buyer can apply for a refund or ask for a replacement product. In case of a refund request, the buyer will receive his money back in full form without any additional compensation.
  • Product not-as-described: in the event that the buyer receives a product that does not match the description of the original product on the site, he must contact us and provide irrefutable proof of this within 7 days from the date of purchase. If the complaint is based on the buyer’s personal beliefs and opinion, it will not be considered.
  • To contact: live:cid.7b162c036cdfbb6f (Manager's Skype)
  • Support Team email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat
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