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High Level COC Accounts For Sale

Buy clash of clans accounts

Building a great village is a lengthy process. If You want Instant Success in this game then you should buy clash accounts.

Supercell introduced Coc way back in 2012. Since then it has become really popular among the gamers. It was downloaded 500M+ times from the playstore, it also has 4.5 star ratings on playstore.
Since it started Supercell earned more than $7 B from COC with a daily income of $1M.

Coc is basically a strategy game.All you’ve to do is to upgrade your townhall and for doing this you need to gather resources like gold, elixir, dark elixir. By using this you can upgrade unique troops and attack on other’s village. You also need to upgrade your defence to protect your village from others.

And the best part of the game is joining a clan. You can join a clan of fellow player or start your own and invite friends.
You can fight in a clan war as a team against other players across the globe, you can work with your clan members in the clan games to win magic items.

COC was at its peak in 2015-2016. They introduced the clan games, clan war league, new troops, New town hall level, new heroes. And little by little , the game is regaining its followers.

Why players need to buy Clash accounts :

Building a good COC base is really tough. Many players quit the game after playing only 1-2 months. It takes atleast 2.5-3 years to build a strong village. You can reduce the time by buying and using gems but it is far more expensive than buying a strong village. After having a well built COC account you can lead your clan in clan wars and clan war leagues. You can also take part in tournaments and win spectacular prizes.
Above all, you can enjoy the game to the bottom of your heart.

Buy COC account

COC is a very popular game across the whole world and there are few websites where you can find coc account for sale. But among them Game2Kart is the best.
We’ve 700+ Coc account for sale at a very cheap price. You can get massive discount at each and every account. Every accounts are well set up .
But above all, customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us. You’ll be provided 100% money back guarantee and you can get automatic instant delivery 24/7. You can also contact us via live chat , one of our team members will be there for you. Our whatsapp and email is also available for 24/7.
Paypal, Credit card or Debit Cards are accepted here as a payment method.
All the coc accounts which are provided by us came from legal players without any cheats and mods. Once the account belongs to us it is automatically locked, even the original owner won’t be able to log in. You’ll be the only owner of your account. You can start playing the game on your android and IOS just after buying it.

Choosing the right Coc account is very important. You can look over a few things before buying it –

  •  Town hall is the heart of a COC village. After upgrading it you’ll be able to unlock new troops and defences.
    The higher the town hall level, the more expensive the account.
  •  Attack is a very important part of a village. You can plan different strategies with your troops, spells, heroes and seize machines to attack on your enemies. So you should check the level of troops, spells and heroes.
  •  Defence is also very much important. Without a strong defence you’ll loose every battles easily. So , you’d check out the level of canon, motor , Tesla ,inferno tower, x-bow and others.
    Walls are the costliest defence. You’ve to gather a lot of resources to max out the walls. It helps to slow down enemies’ attack. So before buying an account check the wall levels too.
  • Gems are the integral part of the game. It’ll help you to upgrade your village a lot faster. You can also buy it from Supercell but they’re too much expensive.
    So, it’s better to buy an account with a good number of gems.
  • Besides the main village there’s another base which is called the builder base. A lot of players don’t like to play with it. But it’s really fun, it helps you to score some easy points in clan games . So , you can look over the builder base level too.


You need to pay up to 15 euros if it’s a max account

But price of a max village is a bit high

Up to 40-50 euros for max village

You need to pay up to 60-70 Euros if it’s a max village

A max th12 Can costs around 150-200 euros

Price of a Th13 max account is around 300-400 euros

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